Press Release

Press Release| Local Writer and Interviewer Sharon K. Kessler

The Journey Within, The Journey Without – Heather & Greg Hinke

It has recently come to my attention that a shopping site phenomena, Market America/, a product brokerage company, is continuing to take the world by storm. A local couple, Greg and Heather Hinke, are making amazing strides in their home town of Chippewa Falls, WI. I decided to meet with this incredible couple to find out what they have been doing and how.

 It is Tuesday, September 26, 2023, we meet at their beautiful 4 bedroom home. I am welcomed heartily and then led downstairs to the basement, however, it is not just a basement it is their office, meeting and presentation area, quite the set up! Upon the wall to our left is a large mural with a large beautiful butterfly along with their business name – H & G Retail. I am immediately struck by this couples obvious love for each other; their easy and fun banter puts everyone at ease. We settle into very comfortable sofa’s and start..

Q: Thank you both for allowing me to visit with you today. Greg, how long have you lived in Chippewa Falls?

A: Since 2017. We decided to move here, from St. Paul, MN, to be near our future grandchildren.

Q: Really! How many children and grandchildren do you have, Heather?

A: Between us we have four amazing adults, Joshua, St. Paul MN, Nick and his wife Jackie, Woodbury, MN, Caitlin, her husband Bill and 3 children, Chippewa Falls WI, and Joe, his wife Maelvy and 2 children, Sacramento, CA.

Q: Let’s talk about your business and how it all started. How long have you been business owners with Market America, Heather?

A: We became Unfranchise Owners in 2013 but didn’t really start building our business until 2017. At that time we were given an amazing gift, one which changed our lives and our future.

Q: What gift did you receive?

They both chuckle and smile warmly, eyes twinkling, their love for each other glowing. Greg replies.

A: We were given the opportunity to participate in a program called the Master Key Experience. During a 6 month period, through self-exploration and learning about Emerson’s Seven Laws of the Mind, we came to understand how we could achieve the future we desired.

Q: Heather, can you provide my readers and listeners with an idea of what it is you wanted and why?

A: Of course. We both wanted our business to succeed through helping others achieve success too, and to provide us with time freedom, so we could spend time doing what we want, when we want, with each other, family and friends. It was November 30, 2017 and we were in our eighth week of the Master Key Experience, we were optimistic and determined to succeed. We decided, in accordance with our business plan to achieve this success, by giving two business presentations per week; recruiting two or more business partners per quarter; provide weekly coring’s and training’s for both the current and new business partners; and follow up with customers and business prospects weekly and most importantly, to be consistent with this process, and achieve result producing activities.

Q: But why was this different from any previous time?

A: That is a great question. It was different this time, I finally had my purpose and my why, we both did, and it ran deeper than it had ever before. We uncovered, through this program, what we most desire, what we want our lives to look like and what needed to be done to achieve it.

Heather looks at Greg and takes his hand and squeezes it.

Heather continues.

We studied hard working through the Master Key Experience, not just for the 6 months but every day since. We learned how to change our habits from bad to good, by being consistent with our business, and keeping promises not only to others but most importantly to ourselves. It was difficult, but we both understood that this was our chance to make something happen. We obviously had our ups and downs, but finally everything started to fall into place, our years of perseverance and dedication making it happen! As our business started to grow and as we attained new pin levels, we were able to visit some amazing locations, places we had always talked about visiting but were only dreams – in June 2018, viewing Alcatraz, California with an intriguing and compelling history; October 2020, Fjords, Norway, the glistening glaciers and the awesome mountains; April, 2022 a pilgrimage to Rome, Italy, seeing the Vatican City containing beautiful fresco’s and impressive sculptures – having the ability to recall these locations still creates excitement, gratitude and satisfaction. Our next trip, on or before Spring 2024, is to Paris, France, the City of Love – a romantic city, perfect for two love birds! She giggles!

These “two love birds” will definitely enjoy Paris!

Q: You visited some amazing places? So what was driving you both to achieve success in the business and to continue to increase your income?

Heather smiled and said emphatically but warmly.

 A: Because we were having so much fun – and still are! We have an amazing caring family and we are truly blessed with incredible friends that happen to be our business partners, not only those that we have introduced to the business but many others we have met while on this journey. Being able to choose who we want to be in partnership with, is so liberating. Watching our business partners become enthusiastic and successful entrepreneurs, to see their personal growth as well as their business grow, makes me overjoyed and thankful. We were able to help them because of the weekly coring’s, guidance through duplication, and then by example, watching us live our life as we choose! They could see that the Market America way works!

The ability to live my life as I choose, traveling when I want and to where I want; with whom I choose, my loving husband and soulmate, family and friends; and ability to give of ones’ time, freely, is constant and continues to gratify and exhilarate. We wanted others to benefit the same way we did. Giving is so heart-warming.

Q: There must have been sacrifices along the way, what were they? Heather continues.

A: Well, we both had to make sacrifices. The obvious one of course, is not watching TV, but truly we don’t miss it at all. However, the most difficult one was not singing. For both of us, being able to perform together is a passion we both enjoy and love to do, so giving that up was challenging, but we knew it had to be done. So now, with time freedom, Greg and I have the opportunity to sing together providing entertainment to seniors at assisted living and nursing homes – when we see their faces light up with delight and animation it provides us with such joy and gratification.

Again a look passes between Heather and Greg – heart-warming.

Q: So Greg, tell us a little more about the Master Key Experience!

A: We really don’t want to say too much. The combination of our training with Market America, and the Master Key Experience propelled us forward. We truly believe everyone should be involved with the Master Key Experience to benefit from the teachings. One of the most beautiful parts of the program is the Paying-It-Forward.

Q: What do you mean?

A: Well, the program doesn’t cost anything to participate, because the previous “Class” paid for it. I can see the confusion on your face, so let me see if I can make it a little clearer. Our “Class” did not pay for the 2017 program, however, as a group we determined, as did previous Classes, how much we would pay every 5 weeks. These payments were not for our session, they were for the 2019 session!! Paying-it-forward. I know, pretty amazing right! However, learning how to give and knowing by doing so you will receive, was the most enlightening thing we experienced. It has deepened our relationship, as well as relationships with others. It has filled our lives with riches and wonders beyond words, creating feelings of satisfaction, love and gratitude.

Q: I am curious about the mural on the wall that contains a butterfly, what is the significance. Greg says.

A: It’s about developing into something that we want to become, it fits with every aspect of our business, for example, TLS is all about transformation through a healthy lifestyle. We have seen people lose large amounts of body mass which changed their lives. Then there are our supplements which provides an improved quality of life. For me, it has given me back mobility in my shoulders and has helped me to keep my prostate cancer at bay. Lastly, there is the Metamorphous process that takes place with the Master Key Experience, truly life changing!

Q: One last thing. Other than the business what else have you found beneficial? Heather says.

A: I’ll answer first. My journey, during these exciting five years, inspired me to continue to improve my health through living the Transition Lifestyle System (TLS), a health program, that promotes low glycemic and clean eating, this has enabled me to be free and healthy in both body and spirit, and therefore able to enjoy the traveling and grandchildren!

Greg says.

A: Thank you Sharon for taking time out of your busy schedule to spend time with us at our home; you are always welcome. For my part, being able to spend time with my family, especially Heather and the grandchildren, is what has been most beneficial to me. I too have followed the TLS program which has given me so much more energy.

~For my part, meeting this fun, loving couple has been wonderful, and it is very clear, that their next chapter in the book of life, is anticipated with exhilaration and enthusiasm.  SKS.


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