Week Two – Makin’ it Happen

I am into Week two of the Master Key experience and really enjoying the process and Makin’ it Happen. I am recognizing the sequence of events and being more organized.

I have just finished re-working my DMP and now ‘hope’ that my guide feels that I am making progress – a living document needs to breathe and will take many different twists and turns!

It is amazing how many blue rectangles one sees around town during your daily life he! he! Reading Scroll 1 and part one of  the Master Key Experience has been enlightening. Now moving into part two, has really generated some interesting discussions with my husband (who is also participating) – great fun!

This blogging thing is going to take some getting used to, as I have never done it before, so be patient with me, my fellow Master Keyers, it will become easier for me as the experience progresses. Mahalo.


Week One – The Journey Within

I am almost through my first week with the Master Key experience. WOW!!! What a week it has been so far! A little overwhelming, which is to be expected, however, it has been exciting to start this journey of discovery. I am really looking forward to the second week.