Week 9 – Visualization – The path becoming clearer

This weeks lesson reminded us of mankind’s three desires which are necessary for the highest expression and complete development, Health, Wealth and Love. Each of us need to acquire an understanding of our own level of requirement for these desires, to attain our quest. We also learned that we must think correctly, accurately, we must know the Truth, the underlying principle in any relationship whether business or social … we can readily predict the result of any action that is based upon a true premise.

I particularly found the story of Frederick Elias Andrews and his path to recovery inspiring. It is amazing and provides some insight as to the true strength and potential we all have within us to achieve or be what we think. Andrew’s revealed his ‘secret’ mantra that transformed both his body and spirit – “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy”, which for me is an incredible affirmation, that I repeat throughout the day whether to replace negative thoughts, or stop myself from giving an opinion, or to ‘give it to others’!

The visualization this week has definitely been the easiest for me, so far. I chose a Rose, so I started with a small stem with a few roots. As I proceed to water the plant daily, I see the roots begin to grow stronger and longer, reaching down into the enriched soil for nourishment; see the stem turn a healthy green, new shoots sprouting out from the main stem reaching upward toward the sun; small thorns beginning to grow for protection; small leaves forming and unfurling on the new branches; gradually the bush begins to emerge, stronger, greener and finally the first bud appears; the bud begins to grow larger, the flower within burgeoning; the green leafy shell begins to peel back and slowly the yellow rose begins to emerge; as it matures, the fragrance begins to fill the room! Really very beautiful!


Week 8 – Feeling Motivated

With my Movie Poster complete and a picture sent to the Fabulous Davene, I am a lot happier with myself. My Guide and I connected and she helped me understand what I needed for a sacrifice – all is good and we are on our way, just waiting for the BIG nod that it is finally complete.

For my part, my DMP is positive, strong and stimulates the Subby well. This is the first time I have been able to really write a meaningful statement from start to finish. I know it is a living document and will no doubt take some twists and turns along the way, but I am up for the challenges and outcomes, knowing that I make my own choices.

The Press Release was fun to put together, although there is definitely room for improvement and I would like to add some pictures. They will come when my Subby guides me.

My sit has been a little easier this week, but I still need to try harder.

The linking and connecting is definitely working for me, I totally understand why we have the small tasks to achieve, so that we train ourselves and our Subby that we can do and complete – a new habit – I always keep my promises!

Week 7 – Uncovering my future self

This week was really tough for me. I have been finding it difficult with the sit and finding my sacrifice. I truly want to find my future self so we can move through this amazing process together. I need to be the observer and not be judgmental.

I am managing to sit a short while and remembering spending time with my girlfriend when we were visiting back home. We sat in her garden and talked about what is happening in our lives; I saw how her garden looks like a beach with a garden path leading to where we are sitting drinking our hot tea; I remember thinking how pretty her hair is now that it is a little darker – it suits her; the different types of plants she has; watching her eyes light up and throwing her head back when we laugh heartily as we reminisce. It was truly amazing, all the details I was able to bring into focus – what a blessing it was. Then I tried to start thinking about myself and then the image fizzles away… poof!!!

I will have to work harder on the “Gal in the glass” so that she can truly become my friend!

Not being able to have any opinions was really difficult, took a lot of control and did not always achieve, however, I will persevere and make the right choice:

“Only the pure truth lies distilled in the words to come. I drink as instructed and                spill not a drop. And the seed of success I swallow”.


Week 6 – It’s a Metaphor

I received a compass and a magnifier from my guide this week, which was a great surprise, and very much appreciated. Thank you. I will be putting a string on it and wearing is around my neck, keeping it close, to remind me of where I am headed.

I really enjoy reading The Gal in the Glass, by Dale Wimbrow – I look myself right in the eye and tell myself that “I love you”!!!  One of the hardest things I have done so far on this journey. Every step we take is bringing us closer to our destination. For each of us it is something different, but to be attained in the same way, through the Master Key Experience.

Every week there is a new challenge, whether it is re-writing the DMP, or working through another exercise, like the movie trailer, press release or movie poster and dream board – each one is purposeful and necessary to help us on our journey. I am truly thankful that I have been given this opportunity and shall complete it, because I have started!

I am still unsure of the ‘sacrifice’ that my guide is referring to, that is, what is the MKE definition – she asked about it once again, and apart from that and a date to add to my DMP this week, it will be finished. I have now left a request on the marco polo app hoping that someone in my Tribe or my guide will provide me with some guidance.

Feeling hopeful….

Week 5 – Trusting the Process

Wasn’t sure quite how I was going to tackle writing my Press Release. However, once I got started I really had fun!!  I realized I could actually elaborate on my DMP, explain things because I am not limited to 400 words, it made all the difference. I have read it a couple of times now, and I can see where I need to make some changes and it will then flow much better.  Great fun!!!

I have re-done my DMP, yet again, but am definitely feeling that it is providing my ‘subby’ with what it needs. My guide is asking how my sacrifice is coming along! Unfortunately, I am not really sure what the definition of the Master Key Sacrifice is. When writing my DMP I made reference to not being able to attend some family functions, but was told that we should not really ‘sacrifice’ family events as they are very important. So, I will try again in the next iteration and see how that goes….

I really do appreciate and understand why we need to continue with the Service – when we start we must finish – whether a promise or not, otherwise the ‘subby’ is not learning the new way. My SIT is difficult, trying to find the time with no interruptions is proving hard, but I will keep trying.

Process, process process…. All good!!!!

Week Four – Persevere

Here we are into Week Four – those hungry peptides are calling out for their usual fix!!! They will not succeed! I am changing my life’s pattern with new and good habits, completing tasks and keeping promises “… and since it is a good habit, this is my will.”

Although this is proving to be a lot of work, I know that I do not “receive” without “giving” effort. Positive re-enforcement with every action, reading every sentence and paragraph and soaking up all that we are being given is so gratifying – when my Subby tells me “you don’t need to do this now”, I respond with a positive “do it now” and repeat it several times and get it done!!

Going to work this week, I have heard the birds chirping a welcoming song, the colors of autumn which are amazing and the chilled mornings – breath on the air – promising new beginnings just around the corner with spring, after what will probably be a hard winter here in Minnesota/Wisconsin. It truly is so important to stop and enjoy, savor, and harness the feelings, so you can be “In the Flow”. The promise to give something to every person I encounter is truly how I believe I am meant to live my life – I have always tried to live this way, GS just re-enforces why it should be done – giving and receiving!

I am proud and honored to be able to Pay It Forward along with the class of 2017, so class of 2018 can benefit from this amazing journey and incredible gift of the Master Key Experience. Mahalo for this opportunity.

Week Five is promising to be an even bigger challenge …….

Week Three – Movin’ along nicely

Everything is definitely Movin’ along nicely. I cannot stop seeing red circles everywhere I go – did not realize how many there are around us!!! Understanding the connections and how all of these tasks that are required on a daily basis are helping me to create consistency,  something I have not been able to achieve before.

This weeks reading has proved to be a little challenging. There were a couple of times when I had to read the same Part Three sentence a couple of times just to understand it! Trying to recognize how the Solar Plexus is important to how we feel; relaxing completely and sitting for 15 – 30 minutes – controlling my mind, which seems to be bombarded all the time with random thoughts… UGH!!!!

Every step of the way I realize how much the Subby has been influential in guiding me in the wrong direction for so many years. HABITS that are bad must be changed to GOOD HABITS to allow me to move in the direction that I have desired for so long. Reading the GS 3x a day really drives this home, and I am good with that.

Writing my DMP is proving to be a little frustrating as I think I have succeeded in removing any negative or past tense, only to have my guide remind me that this is not so! I will persevere, because I KNOW that having a DMP that provides a message that stimulates emotion in my Subby, will help me achieve my pivotal needs and ultimately my vision of the future.