Week 16 – Kindness

We had the opportunity this week to participate in Kindness and see the Law of Growth in action. Mark challenged us to practice and see acts of kindness and post them in the applicable area every day for a week. If the challenge of over 8,000 posts was met, he would go out and HUG a large number of people on Saturday (between 600-800).  We did achieve this goal quite substantially, and we saw not only Mark hugging, but others around the world too. Pretty Cool!!!

Kindness and gratitude is in the eye of the beholder and quite honestly is about self-discovery. It is quite incredible how performing or receiving small acts of kindness can actually make someones day. Just saying hello or wishing them a great day brings a smile or a ‘thank you’! Every day tasks such as holding the door open for the person behind you – amazing how often people do NOT do this. This happened to me the other day. The man in front of me just walked on through the door and let it close before I reached the door. It would only have been a matter of seconds for me to reach him! But, as I did reach the door, the man coming through from the other way, actually held the door open for me BEFORE going through it himself – an act of kindness, which he was very loudly thanked for and received a BIG smile 🙂

Discovering how kind you are to others is very rewarding. I had not realized how often I thank people for their help/service or offer to help them; provide a warm hello with a big smile and wish them a wonderful day! By observing myself and others it truly is incredible how abundant kindness is.

We have also learned this week that harmony and happiness are states of consciousness and do not depend upon the possession of things. That we should acquire the mental attitude which will bring about the result desired through scientific or correct thinking.




Week 15 – Decisiveness

This week it is explained how knowledge does not apply itself. That our actions are not governed by knowledge, but by custom, precedent and habit.

It is truly amazing to me, how often we revert to the habit or custom. I notice it in myself throughout the day. I have a thought and then make a conscious effort to change the action. I know it is because, that is the easy way out. I must change, take control and do what is not easy, or normal. Even though this is happening, I like to think, if it were not for MKMMA I would not recognize what I am doing, and not know HOW to make that change.

If I persist, I will win. I am not a quitter. The win is even sweeter if you have to work hard for it. I continue to improve myself by Learning – Thinking – Studying – Practice – these four steps repeated constantly along with “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, healthy and happy” help guide me to my destination.

I truly want to change to achieve my definite major purpose – procrastination is the monkey on my back. I must work towards removing it – courage and persistence every day and faith in myself and others – I CAN do this.

Our new exercise, the Makeover is interesting. Focusing on one virtue a week they helps us to see who we are and observing those around us. My first virtue is decisiveness, rather appropriate given my thoughts above. I must decide to do what I know is right NOT what feels safe.

Week 14 – Harmony

Harmony was difficult to achieve this week. We had a busy time with the Christmas celebrations, with preparing food for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners for two groups of friends and family, and last minute shopping, which I always say I will do earlier and NEVER do! We had a great time, but it was exhausting.  I took the whole week off work between Christmas and New year – I don’t know about you, but my whole routine was way off!! We had a wonderful and blessed Christmas with a family of young adults that we rarely get to see all together – terrific!!

The lesson this week was, to me, more scientific based than some of the others – talking about, atoms of mercury, and electrons being pure negative electricity. I found it fascinating that the Danish astronomer Roemer in 1676, deduced that it takes 17 minutes for light from the planet Jupiter to traverse the diameter of the earth’s orbit. This has actually been verified, and proves that light travels about 186,000 miles a second. Incredible, when you consider what Roemer had at his disposal to come to this conclusion.

My husband and I had quite the animated discussion surrounding where the subconscious literally lies. The lesson tells us that it is in every cell within us and we are therefore able to control the outcome of each cell. Both of us have felt for some time that the power of positive thought is important to help us determine our well-being. This lesson confirms that our cells receive direction for metaphysical healing. We know others may find this hard to believe, but we have read, psychologists working with individuals with dual personalities have actually seen changes in eye color, or shape of face, and one patient was actually found to have diabetes, but upon becoming another personality, that diagnosis disappeared.  This situation definitely shows the powerful connection between the conscious and the subconscious.  I am truly thankful that the information contained within lesson 14 as it provided us with some sense of conviction that we are heading in the right direction. It allows my husband, in particular, the power to eliminate the cancer that is within him by replacing unhealthy cells with healthy cells, merely by getting in touch with and controlling his subconscious mind.

This brings me back to harmony. A well balanced body, soul and spirit will enable the body to change cells for the good. We must concentrate deeply and earnestly to allow our harmonious mental attitude to work effectively.

Week 13 – Dreams of the Dreamer

This week one of our featured guests was Lori Ann King. A previous participant in the Master Key MasterMind Alliance (MKMMA) who realized her dreams by writing a book that not only changed her life but will change lives of others — Lori Ann writes… “In Come Back Strong, I share my personal journey with hysterectomy and oophorectomy, which thrust me into sudden surgical menopause — describing the vulnerable parts of my life, marriage, and experience, as well as the joys and celebrations that came from discovering a practical path back to balanced wellness.”

What an amazing journey Lori Ann shared with us all, that for her was in part due to her persistence, determination, participation in the MKMMA and, of course, her dreaming.

We all need to dream, and week 13 of The Master Key explains: the law of causation by which dreamers, inventors, authors, financiers, bring about the realization of their desires. It explains the law by which the thing pictured upon our mind eventually becomes our own.

We also heard from Lori Enrico, a friend and fellow entrepreneur with Market America/Shop.com; that we should never give up; that quitting is NOT an option, we must be strong and persevere.

Davene and Mark talked and explained about NARC – Neurological Associate Reactive Conditioning – WOW – that’s a mouthful!! Basically it means that pleasure feels good, pain feels bad. To benefit from this we have to actually feel pain. For example we have been reading our DMP now every day, several times a day, and it was a difficult process for most of us to write. It was suggested that we read the DMP and then throw it into the trash. We can only pick it back up AFTER we have achieved that one thing that holds us back, whether it is making calls or something else. The idea is that you are attaching pain to that one thing you do not like, which makes you actually do it so you do NOT feel pain!! This was a very difficult exercise but worked!

We also learned that we have begun a complex compound progression with persistence and NARC we build simple steps. Og says: “Why should the miracle that produced me end with my birth? Why can I not extend that miracle into my deeds?” We must fully engage to reap the benefits.

Week 12 – Persistence

We have been reading in Og Mandino about Persistence. Persistence will bring us to where we want to be, through positive thoughts, growth and substitution.

We learn that the prizes of life are at the end of each journey, not near the beginning; we never know how many steps it will take to reach the goal knowing that to do so we must also fail at times.

Part of removing negativity from thought means not saying negative words e.g. quit, cannot, unable, impossible, improbable, failure, hopeless or retreat.

We must be willing to engage our new reality, living the law of practice with faith and courage.

Every week I take that next step towards understanding my unity with the universal power.

Week 11 – Greatness

Getting back to the Webinar after the break was a welcome relief. I enjoy them as they are so enlightening – this week in particular. Mark and Davene talked about how everything we have been doing to date i.e. reading 3 times a day, the exercises, the tools is exactly what the Blueprint Builder tells us we should be doing. They have broken down the process so that we are able to achieve – brilliant!!!

I continue to strive to be the observer but am struggling with not offering my opinion. I am also working through not speaking deprecatingly of myself. My husband kindly tells me when I am doing so, which is both helpful and difficult to hear.

Persistence and character is the key to achieving your definite purpose. Self-confidence alone does not guarantee success, it is the combination of these along with keeping your promises, which keeps you moving forward in the direction you are aiming. It has also been explained that we must master fear, discouragement and indifference. We are provided with 4 tiny habits to help in this pursuit: a definite purpose; a definite plan; a mind closed against negativity and discouragement; and a friendly alliance with one or more persons. These four basic habits will help keep you on the right path. Any excuse will hold you back, don’t hide behind it!

Lastly, greatness is not a function of circumstance; greatness is largely a matter of conscious choice and discipline.


Week 10 – Touching my Heart

It was strange not having the webinar, but a welcome respite. Being able to go to a movie with my husband and spending time with family, was a welcome distraction.

Reading Scroll 2 went really quick this month which was disappointing because I really enjoyed reading it and found it touching my heart – I greet this day with love in my heart. Saying this affirmation helps to calm me and provides me with a strong beginning to every day.

Exploring the new me continues and I am definitely feeling different for the better. I am still using the affirmation I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. Again this affirmation continues to confirm the power I have within me.

I have still to complete my recording and am determined to do so during the next week. I know it will help me to focus better along with continuity.

Looking forward to discovering Scroll 3 as well as week 11 webinar.

I always keep my promises.