Week 22 – Self-control

The webinar offered us the way we look at things. How can we use fear, guilt, anger, hurt feelings and unworthiness as tools!

  1. Fear produces enormous amounts of energy. I must harness this through self-control. Aptly my Makeover is self-control this week. I must learn to focus, what helps me do this – fear!! Fear brings intense focus, concentration and converts thoughts to actions.
  2. Hurt feelings are due to caring. However, I must not forget about what I want. Again I must use the energy and recognize and engage my passion – this will help me concentrate on what I want.
  3. Anger is massive energy – use this power for productivity and feel refreshed. When I am put down or told I can’t do something, channel the anger – the best revenge is to live life well!
  4. Guilt is self-directed anger. I must embrace it and atone – be at peace with one-self. When guilt hits, I must ask myself “What am I in fear of?” With guilt comes the self-doubt and berating. This only proves that I know what to do.
  5. Unworthiness – I must give myself permission to override the constrictive to the expansive. I have to believe and understand that I can have anything I want, I just can’t have everything I want. It tells me I lack humility. Listen to the voice inside, stay on track.

Once I master these five weapons I will find my authentic self and my unique gifts.

We were also reminded of the power of silence:
Be still, and know that I am God
Be still, and know
Be still

We were asked to take 24-72 hours and be completely silent! I have yet to complete this exercise, but I am determined to do so. Not sure how or when, but I know that it will provide me with revelation and discovery which are needed to guide me further in this whole experience.

I always keep my promises.




7 thoughts on “Week 22 – Self-control”

  1. amazing… I just checked in.. and was beginning a comment on the powerful ‘be still’ … & I have already mentioned that.. hope its been a wonderful last few weeks for you 🙂


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