Week 21 – Redefining Miracles

I found the beginning part of the webinar a little to scientific for me – difficult to get my head around. Talking about protons, neutrons and electrons and the space between atoms. We then went on to hear about how everything is relative, that there is more nothing than something, even in things that appear to have more something than nothing… eh? That the perception that things are solid and stationary is an illusion. Everything is in motion, even if it appears to be standing still. I eventually began to grasp the magnitude of what was being relayed to us and the purpose behind the physics lesson!

I realize it is necessary to have an understanding of how everything works. As the webinar moved on to Harmony, I began to recognize what was being explained to us – everything around us is a Miracle. The very essence is miraculous. Basically all objects are electrons, which means energy from electrons can  create the universal mind by passing from one to another.  Understanding that the universal power, Omnipotent, the all knowing, Omniscient and the presence everywhere, Omnipresent Creator is ever present is incredible. This understanding will bring me the sense of power I have yet to know and the belief in this truth will set me free.

The mastermind session this week was pretty lively. Discussion about miracles and what that means to any individual. For me, being Catholic, a miracle would normally be reserved for those special beings, Jesus the Teacher, disciples, saints. But, in reality miracles can be everywhere, in everyone and in everything, we just need to understand and LOT – learn, observe and think. Miracles do not have to be large they can be small, whether St. Peter’s Dome or an atom. We just have to allow ourselves to open up to all the possibilities around us.

After all, I am nature’s greatest miracle!


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