Week 20 – Imagination

This week we were concentrating on The Comfort Zone; what is it? How does it effects us? The components are as follows: Fear, Guilt, Unworthiness, Hurt feelings, and Anger. All of these are legitimate emotions but get in the way of our ability of doing what must be done! For me, working through and coming to terms with them has been difficult. In particular fear! I wrote about fear in Week 17. However, here is a short breakdown on how they affect me:

Fear – of not achieving holds me back from achieving
Guilt – being wealthy is not a good thing
Anger – at myself for being lazy and procrastinating
Hurt feelings – taking things personally
Unworthiness – of having success

We are learning how to use these emotions to our advantage! We have to understand what the cause is so that we can make the change. Plan… what am I going to achieve, how am I going to achieve and how many Springs do I have left!! So much to do in so little time, that’s what they say, right? But that is not how to look at it. Legacy, how do I want to be remembered, time is only as short as you want it to be; hours, minutes, seconds and moments! Each moment can be a life time, make each count and DO IT NOW!  “I live this day as if it is my last!”

Imagination is only a bridge to enthusiasm; all the exercises we have done to date and will continue to do stimulate imagination. Thought to belief with action will bring results, the ability to make decisions and think alone. We know with each failure there will be the opportunity to find success. Perseverance and gratitude will provide the opportunity to give and serve, to touch someone’s life or to make a difference! “I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to be a mountain and not a grain of sand”.

We looked at the Pyramid of Success Progression and learned how every week we have been preparing and fulfilling each step of this progression. It is truly amazing how the MKE team has it just right! Thanks.

Finally, we know our dreams are worth pursuing, both fear and anger fire our imagination, but we must not opt for the comfort zone, we must push forward with every ounce we have to ensure that we actually feel discomfort which is part of the process to success. It is our choice, always CHOICE.

To become inspired means to get out of the beaten path, out of the rut, because
extraordinary results require extraordinary means. When we come into a recognition
of the Unity of all things and that the source of all power is within, we tap the source
of inspiration.



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