Week 17 – Power and Happiness

This weeks webinar was very poignant, and really brought about some deep emotions surrounding fear.

My makeover word this week is courage and this is what is needed. I have very conflicting feelings about some decisions my husband and I have made. We have bought a new home and we will be moving to it very shortly. This will mean leaving family, friends and work in Minnesota and starting over in Wisconsin. I am conflicted because I know this is the right course of action for us and must be done to ensure my husband has a less stressful work life so we can manage his cancer, and that he is near his daughter who is expecting our first grandchild. However, this means I have to leave a job that I like and try and find a new one that can provide us with a reasonable income, plus we are committed to building our home based business in the new area too! There is so much going on, some of which I can control and others I cannot… I am excited and fearful. I do believe my procrastination is due to fear, fear of the unknown, so I must tap into my courage, ensure it is strong and use the mantra DO IT NOW at every turn!


Haanel spells it out exactly for me this week:
If you wish to eliminate fear, concentrate on courage
If you wish to eliminate lack, concentrate on abundance
If you wish to eliminate disease, concentrate on health

My sit is still difficult for me, as I am only able to tune everything out for a few minutes at a time, even so, each one of these sentences is exactly what I need to concentrate on and I will do so!

Mark’s kicker this week was asking us if we have given ourselves permission to find power and happiness. I do believe I have given myself the power to succeed and I have certainly given my self permission to be happy and will continue to be so with my soul-mate, I just have to access the primal power within to conquer my fears!!!

I grant myself permission to be happy and access and use the primal
power within.

I always keep my promises,
Heather Hinke


3 thoughts on “Week 17 – Power and Happiness”

  1. Making a long distance move is both exciting and frightening. FOCUS on the excitement and be joyous.. Daily relish, savor and appreciate that you have the courage, enthusiasm, discipline, decisiveness and persistence to recognize this as the best choice for you at this time in your family life. I’m happy for you and your loving family, Heather. Peace be your journey!


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