Week 16 – Kindness

We had the opportunity this week to participate in Kindness and see the Law of Growth in action. Mark challenged us to practice and see acts of kindness and post them in the applicable area every day for a week. If the challenge of over 8,000 posts was met, he would go out and HUG a large number of people on Saturday (between 600-800).Ā  We did achieve this goal quite substantially, and we saw not only Mark hugging, but others around the world too. Pretty Cool!!!

Kindness and gratitude is in the eye of the beholder and quite honestly is about self-discovery. It is quite incredible how performing or receiving small acts of kindness can actually make someones day. Just saying hello or wishing them a great day brings a smile or a ‘thank you’! Every day tasks such as holding the door open for the person behind you – amazing how often people do NOT do this. This happened to me the other day. The man in front of me just walked on through the door and let it close before I reached the door. It would only have been a matter of seconds for me to reach him! But, as I did reach the door, the man coming through from the other way, actually held the door open for me BEFORE going through it himself – an act of kindness, which he was very loudly thanked for and received a BIG smile šŸ™‚

Discovering how kind you are to others is very rewarding. I had not realized how often I thank people for their help/service or offer to help them; provide a warm hello with a big smile and wish them a wonderful day! By observing myself and others it truly is incredible how abundant kindness is.

We have also learned this week that harmony and happiness are states of consciousness and do not depend upon the possession of things. That we should acquire the mental attitude which will bring about the result desired through scientific or correct thinking.




5 thoughts on “Week 16 – Kindness”

  1. Your are right. Just small act of kindness can be so powerful for people, but especially for those of us that do it. I loved your blog. It has such sincerity and feeling. Thank you for sharing


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