Week 13 – Dreams of the Dreamer

This week one of our featured guests was Lori Ann King. A previous participant in the Master Key MasterMind Alliance (MKMMA) who realized her dreams by writing a book that not only changed her life but will change lives of others — Lori Ann writes… “In Come Back Strong, I share my personal journey with hysterectomy and oophorectomy, which thrust me into sudden surgical menopause — describing the vulnerable parts of my life, marriage, and experience, as well as the joys and celebrations that came from discovering a practical path back to balanced wellness.”

What an amazing journey Lori Ann shared with us all, that for her was in part due to her persistence, determination, participation in the MKMMA and, of course, her dreaming.

We all need to dream, and week 13 of The Master Key explains: the law of causation by which dreamers, inventors, authors, financiers, bring about the realization of their desires. It explains the law by which the thing pictured upon our mind eventually becomes our own.

We also heard from Lori Enrico, a friend and fellow entrepreneur with Market America/Shop.com; that we should never give up; that quitting is NOT an option, we must be strong and persevere.

Davene and Mark talked and explained about NARC – Neurological Associate Reactive Conditioning – WOW – that’s a mouthful!! Basically it means that pleasure feels good, pain feels bad. To benefit from this we have to actually feel pain. For example we have been reading our DMP now every day, several times a day, and it was a difficult process for most of us to write. It was suggested that we read the DMP and then throw it into the trash. We can only pick it back up AFTER we have achieved that one thing that holds us back, whether it is making calls or something else. The idea is that you are attaching pain to that one thing you do not like, which makes you actually do it so you do NOT feel pain!! This was a very difficult exercise but worked!

We also learned that we have begun a complex compound progression with persistence and NARC we build simple steps. Og says: “Why should the miracle that produced me end with my birth? Why can I not extend that miracle into my deeds?” We must fully engage to reap the benefits.


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